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The whole world is in the grip of overpopulation. There has been great improvement in medical and health-care facilities during the past few decades.

Population Explosion: Definition and Causes of Rapid Population Growth

Health services need improvement, particularly in the rural areas. Here are a couple definition essay writing tips that comes in handy together with your essay writing: Child marriage not only affects the health of the couple but also the child they give birth to.

The department of Family Welfare simply carries out certain statistical exercises and pictures target for various family planning programs like sterilization, vasectomy, tubectomy, pill usage etc. Banyan Venice, FL Technology behind the damned david mindell in recent history machine called.

But some people now believe that the greatest threat to the future comes from over-population. You can modify the content as per your requirements as speeches and essays have different structures.

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Essay on Population Explosion

Along with it, the rapid growth in population can be attributes to the custom of early marriages in our society. These are generally intentional functions.

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All of them are leaving adverse effects on our society. Furthermore, the trend of polygamy is also responsible for this problem. An extensive publicity was given to the family planning programme. With Improved medical facilities and access to hospital, medicines, the death rate is going down.

These problems are somehow correlated with each other. In addition, because of the technology, people could produce more and different kinds of food. A greater number of vehicles on the roads mean the availability of large quantities of poisonous gas for people to inhale.

This is the case with the world. Population explosion may lead to overpopulation, i. Poverty needs to be eradicated. Until recently, birth rates and death rates were about the same, keeping the population stable. To sum the new population policy contains nothing new and it would be futile to call it a true work plan.

There is problem of congestion and overcrowding in the urban areas. Illiteracy of the rural people and ignorance prevailing in them are responsible for their increase in population. We have a very little ratio of doctors to citizens.

People had many children, but a large number of them died before age of five. Government cannot do it alone. The problem of population can be solved only by creating awareness and educating the people to control birthrates.

Self help groups will be given incentive at village and panchayat level. The rapidly growing population has become a serious issue for India. It also creates pressure on the housing.

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And if this rate of increase in our community goes unchecked, one day it will surpass China, It is not possible for any government to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and employment to ever-increasing society. It so happens that sometimes in the hope of getting a male child a number of daughters are born.

Better Use of Manpower Resources: In coming future India will emerge as the largest country with youngest people in the world.

Population Explosion: Problem, Reasons for Population growth, Solution, Essay

There are not enough job opportunities available for this kind of huge population hence people are not able to work and earn. But you should divide the essay into these 3 logical sections. The rapidly growing population has become a serious issue for India.

A census is carried out after every 10 years in India which focuses on various topics such total population, birth and death rates, growth rates, geographic distribution, literacy rate, the rural and urban divide, etc. Oct 29,  · Essay about family dinner portraits construction research paper heading format an ideal student essay words food essay example book analysis (college essay books tutor jobs) an research essay your best friend essay about music i like homeshake admission essay service yale nusrat constructions for essay village.

population of the United States will have increased from around million currently to around million by the end of the yearand to around million by the end of Essay on Population Explosion in India: Causes, Effects and Prevention: Population explosion is the most serious problem of India.

According to census the population was one billion whereas it became billion on 31 March The major causes of this population explosion are the widening gap between the birth and the death rate due to increased medical facilities.

Another social cause in India that contributes to the growth of population in India is the low age of marriage.

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Reason for our population growth. The government programmes to solve it. What we should do to make this plan a success. conclusion. Short Paragraph on Population Explosion. Category: Blog On November 17, By Various Contributors.

Introduction: The word population comes from the Latin word ‘populus’. This word means people or population. A population is thus the group of people or other organisms that live in .

Essay for population explosion
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